i made a bunch of work over summer and slowly its getting fired

shut your mouth cause im not listening anyhowbeen waxing and glazing and prepping for the salt. if all goes according to plan the first one should be friday.   but inbetween that and work i’ve managed to get a few pieces sandblasted. these are new ones that go directly on the wall as opposed to work on a shelf then wall. i keep thinking i want to push this idea a little further so the backburner is thinking.  testing a glaze before firing the rest of the summer work and then its back to the grind.

got an email from pittsburg state requesting a short statement for a show, image and a title for my exhibition next year. so exciting.  looking forward to getting the rest of the work out and ready to decide which will be the image


got an email from our chair this morning about a recent show with my work but the name was wrong.  i did a few searches trying to figure out the skinny but was unable to find the link. however i did fine  an on line article done for America’s Clay Fest that spoke a bit about my work.   (if you click on the image I am the second one)



just a bit of a nice surprise as i prepare for tomorrow.

a little queen

i fired my first kiln load of summer work last friday and am pretty happy with the results. ball milling the black seemed to help reduce the iron spotting and i’m pleased with the new direction of the flat ones. although i’ve been thinking about how to push the envelope on those a little farther and am excited about getting back in the studio to do just that.

i’ve still got many to mask and sandblast but i did manage to get this one complete as it was in the sketch.

nothing really matters anyone can see

nothing really matters anyone can see

its called art and everyone has an opinion

a couple of random questions that have been floating in the cloud

“i just don’t understand what this is or suppose to be about”

how do you answer this sort of question: do you size up the person and figure out if they are truly trying to understand or if they just want a quick and easy answer or do you just ignore it for whatever reason you choose?

and second

is it possible to teach creativity and if so how?

while i know you can lead a horse to water, it doesn’t mean they’ll drink. how to get students to learn to branch out, to try things, to fail, to learn from the failure and to find their own voice.