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me and barb

me and barb

cleaning up images and uploading them reminded me of the backlog of things i had wanted post/write.  once the procrastination starts the next step is avoidance and then feeling overwhelmed in a “where do i start, those thoughts were so 3 weeks ago” feeling came.  instead of beating myself up or putting it off further, i’ll begin before trip one: i was surprised to see that the caring place used an image of myself and my pal barb for their annual report.  while doing good is payment in itself, it was really just awesome to see me and my friend on the cover.



northern illinois farm fields by air

northern illinois farm fields by air

On the flight home I got lucky with window seats, actually the planes were all small so the choice was window or aisle.  On the way to the Windy City for my connecting flight home (which cancelled right before my eyes but there are worse places to be stranded than ohare, and i did make it home so no harm, no foul) looking out the window and perhaps having 2D design on the brain, I was reminded at how our landscape has some pretty terrific views.  This one was of farmland and while snow covered you can still make out the borders of fields,roads and waterways.  I am in love the juxtaposition of the  hard and organic lines in the composition.

All in all the traveling has me thinking of my responses to questions and wondering whether they were answered proper.  One that I don’t think I gave complete justice to  (and in my defense I can only say I was sleep deprived and nervous) was the question was what is next in my work and research.  The correct answer of course is a long one.  Yes I have a direction and the next move is to write about the work from a music standpoint, which is a major influence in my work although i’m still trying to find my start point, this can often be the hardest part.

a few summers ago I went down a course to figure out why I was making the work I do, not just the canned answer or artist response/statement but more in depth.  It led me to read and research quite a bit: Lyotard, Danto, Merleau-Ponti, back to Baldesarri ( because surprisingly i can always get answers there), Tratctatus (although while I can find answers there, I don’t know if they are the correct answers and i’m not ready to touch that with a hot poker in academic circles just yet)  I had thought my next move would be to theater (for the drama, the interaction) but it wasn’t and the book i sought proved interesting but not helpful so sitting in the q. is alex ross’ the rest is noise and a file folder stuffed with notecards and ideas waiting to draft.

The other part of that question was where is my work going? well i’ve been thinking about doing more platteresque (read: flat wall work) and dealing with aesthetic choices – keep them as a platter, have them be individual pieces, et al… one of the goals here is to have the work read more lyrical movement wise and the option to incorporate multiples rather than coupling.   So I’ve been working on those ideas (as well as working out the technical kinks that come with working with porcelain)  Below are the successful fruits of this labor with working titles.


you and i in silence with nothing else to do

you and i in silence with nothing else to do

shut your mouth cause i'm not listening anyhow

shut your mouth cause i’m not listening anyhow

Spring Break

i had hopes to have some work started and others complete, but it seems that since late february the driving force of life has been work, then traveling (for the possible start of new adventures) and work again (the dean actually had some wise, great words which basically made returning on focusing on the ask at hand quite easy) late last week i wound up sick, so this spring break was not spent doing the things i wanted but at home resting, taking care of little things and reading.   i sped through the david sedaris book ‘ when you are engulfed in flames’ which reminded me of many things, which at some point i shall write about, because this book after all is signed (and there’s a story there without having to go any further, but i might)

so while feeling human and ready to tackle the world all my ideas were thwarted by rain, so i bring you ‘ode to gaiety’ by  james broughton

Go gloom
Begone glum and grim
Off with the drab drear and grumble
It’s time
its pastime
to come undone and come out laughing
time to wrap killjoys in wet blankets
and feed them to the sourpusses

Come frisky pals
Come forth wily wags
Loosen your screws and get off your rocker
Untie the strait lacer
Tie up the smarty pants
Tickle the crosspatch with josh and guffaw
Share quips and pranks with every victim
of grouch pomposity or blah

Woe to the bozo who says No to
tee hee ho ho and ha ha
Boo to the cleancut klutz who
wipes the smile off his face
Without gaiety
freedom is a chastity belt
Without gaiety
life is a wooden kimono

Come cheerful chums
Cut up and carry on
Crack your pots and split your sides
Boggle the bellyacher
Convulse the worrywart
Pratfall the prissy poos and the fuddy duds
Take drollery to heart or end up a deadhead
at the guillotine of the mindless

Be wise and go merry round
whatever you cherish
what you love to enjoy what you live to exert
And when the hight spirits
call your number up
count on merriment all the way to the countrdown
Long live hilarity euphoria and flumadiddle
Long live gaiety
for all the laity