more from the air, less from the studio

well the last trip out had a small unwelcome hiccup, but i returned home safe and albeit a bit sore.  its left me pondering whether it was possible i have some how entered a co dependent relationship with texas where it won’t let me quit it.

however trip be damned or not i managed to get a couple more nice shots from the air over phoenix, these remind me of turkish tiles and mosaics. the phone camera did not do the colors justice, but i might have to incorporate some of these water shapes into functional ware soon.







and while our studio is being repaired and i am taking it easy, there is no new work to be working on i’ve got a few waiting for glaze and fire.

april pre showers

between the trips (upcoming will be #3) and planning other life altering events i’ve been lax in the studio this semester; but this week i managed to get 3 completed up to the point of sanding, which required drying time and lucky for me i’ve got other things to keep my mind afloat while they dry.  i also got to sandblasting more of the work from early in the year, this pair i like, although i have misplaced what i thought the title would be so for now they have settled on ‘the lengths that i would go to the distance in your eyes” although they and i are not content with this.