number one with a bullet im a power pack

while i cant say everythings coming up milhouse i can say firing two proved to be much more beneficial in its results!  a few more tweaks and my cone 10 satin black is now cone 6 oxidation approved and in the process came up with a slick new black that i’ll be keeping around the studio (i’m interested in seeing what i can do with it and where it can take me option wise)

i’ve gotten a white that works, but after sleeping on it a few days still feel like its not quite what i wanted. somewhere in the recesses of my mind i had a whole schpeel abut finding the perfect white and likening it the 100 words Eskimos have for snow; but the internet got in the way and it seems some killjoy has dispelled this mytho legend thus putting my whole story to rest.  however i will say the minds eye wants what it wants and currently i am sitting here with too stark of a milky white and not enough stark of the refrigerator white so back to my base glaze i’ll continue to experiment.

no studio this weekend, we had social calls and the obligatory weekend working on the house day; repairing and refinishing decks is becoming a special skill of mine and before anyone asks, you cant afford it.

i’m off work in the studio but before i go, i wanted to share a couple of links from the fine folks who sell my work.

the three faces of green

the three faces of green

trying to work past a semi spectacular hair cut (for dramatics replace “semi spectacular” with butchered) i was less than happy with my first round of test glazes.  i know i know there tests and i am maybe just a little to hard on myself.  but i unloaded yesterday walked away and got on with the day.  while out running errands i came across a sign that i snapped (image to be revealed in future post because right now they’re just a couple of print out sitting on the dining room table) and snapped me out of it, after circling back to park and take a picture i ended up at home,  ordered two books: david sedaris theft by finding because i am thinking after reading it there might be some appropriation insight from a different angle to ponder and  john britts complete guide to midrange glazes because i need to become one with the mid range.


so after wDSC_1864[1]ork i went back to the studio and looked at the results with a little more kindness and started making notes.  what i thought would be my challenge formulating a decent cone 6 black was really not too bad it turns out the challenge is going to be getting my just white,white.  promising results for the tiki line with the exception of my the amber glaze, which did not flux out. so i need to remix and see if it was user error or its back to the drawing board.


Monday June 12 i will be featured as Saatchi’s Artist of the Day , you can check it out (and tell your friends!!)

its always showtime

here at the edge of the stage

here at the edge of the stage


an attempt at keeping things organizedmess

in true kate fashion the chemicals made it into the studio, got opened, mixed up and became part of the larger problem.

as the front of my brain was getting creative with the limited horizontal space and mixing glazes, the back was plotting ideas for storage and organization and a return to the sanity.  so i hit the store for small containers for my collection of opacificers and metal oxides, brackets and wood for shelves.

streamlining part 1streamlining part 2

as i couldn’t see before i put in shelves, i’ve got quite alot of work stockpiled and so today i test fire my glazes and hopefully get some good results and have a decent palette to work with.  i’m also excited about the cone 6 blacks i tinkered with because electric bill wise cone 6 is a little easier on the pocket book esp in the texas summer.

my next work

my next work

as for projects: next up will be to repaint my library cart for bats and misc tools so that if need arises (and i know it will) i’ll be able to add more shelves. under the large section of shelves i decided to build a small rise to house bags of chemicals under and glazes on top,but that stuff can wait because i’ve got some lovely wedged porcelain calling my name.