Functional Ware Coming Soon


It was in college that I first learned to make pots. The entire process learning to throw on the wheel, mastering something so basic as a cylinder and pulling countless handles, glazing and firing fascinated me.  From start to finish I enjoyed the total control one has; from designing to firing work.   As I furthered my studies I stepped farther away from throwing pots, but I never forgot the therapeutic qualities of creating functional work and the knowledge that they’ll be put to good use in peoples homes; serving food & drink, holding items and on display. My work is simple, easy to use and hold I throw stoneware and then salt fire. I decorate my pots using wax resist, slips, stains and low fire luster’s.





bachelor set – salt fired cone 10, wax resist pattern

Lidded Jar - with lustre

small lidded jar – salt fired cone 10, secondary lustre firing


dinnerware set – cone 10 salt fired, wax resist pattern


drinking set salt fired cone 10