Tiki Mug Raffle

I’ve been spending my spring break working in my studio practicing self quarantine/social distancing and on repeat in my head is “in this trying time what can I do to help?”
The answer was to raffle a tiki mug with proceeds going back to my community.
After some “boss babe teleconferencing” read:texting with friends (who have more e commerce know how under their belts) and a whole lot of cussing I figured it out, my little paypal ‘add to cart button’ is ready to go.

The details
The Witch Dr. retails for $50, but the raffle is $15 per entry!, which is the cost of domestic shipping (and whatever bubble wrap costs, cause my mugs prefer well padded rides to their forever homes)
This raffle is open to anyone in the continental US.
I’ll do the drawing the old fashioned way, by picking a name out of a hat.
The winner announced TBD (honestly i used all my computer know how to get this far with the paypal button, next is advertising the crap out of this and hoping folks feel generous)

Hit the button below, donate $15 and be entered to win one of my Witch Dr. mugs.



Mahalo, Meow, Wash your Hands + Stay Healthy