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Its been ages since a post and I’ve missed being able to work in clay.  But adulting or whatever the kids my age are calling it these days has kept me away (first their is prepping your and closing up shop for the sale)- well the house sold, and the next logical step of purchasing a new one has been slightly out of reach.  This is part and parcel to the market but also has to do with our requirements (i.e. an actual studio space, not just some space in the garage, and a gaming room for my husband along with all those other things you want in a home at the price you are willing to pay)

And I haven’t not been arting, just no ceramics.  And since its been a while I thought i’d share some sketches from the old book, ideas that were originally meant for plates (and still might happen that way) but are now leaning towards drawings.

kate web update1

is it getting better or do you feel the same











 a little brian eno too dark shark with a hint of feminism

a little brian eno too dark shark with a hint of feminism









And I have not been a total wash out in the ceramics arena – I had work accepted into the Third Coast National at K space contemporary gallery in corpus.  I’m glad these are seeing some love and attention from the art world.  I’d been playing with the idea of these for a while, i knew the song, i knew the exact words, but the actual pieces kept failing me.  i  tried a couple of unsuccessful attempts, put them on the shelf, put my sketches on the back burner and worked on other pieces, then came back and tried- lengthening and softening up the overall form, not just the centered area (Skipped the platinum lustre, glad that phase is over) and continued the softness with sandblasting a more circular shape.


dont you prefer a bitter taste to a bitter site

don’t you prefer a bitter taste to a bitter site







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