time see what has become of me

busy, busy is what has become of me.  yesterday  was a record non stop day of tying up loose studio ends  first there was glaze mixing (topping off everything in anticipation of texas tiki week and a couple more tests for the mug commission), labeling, sandblasting more of the new work, finishing the last of … [Read more…]

take your passion and make it happen

gym last night, what a feeling came on.  luckily i was still changing, so no impromptu dance moves, but like a good song usually does it hit me. flash forward, to the studio – its a mess, but not an ordinary spend an hour and get it all tidy, mess. no this one is one … [Read more…]

tell us a little bit but not to much

the last couple of weeks have been for lack of better words, rough and filled with disappointment.   There were a couple of joys that did not pan out and its never easy having that smack you in the face.  This time last week i was done (the night before I had to work late, sat … [Read more…]

its always showtime here at the edge of the stage

this time last year i was a week into my new job and frantically trying to pull together enough finished work to sell at Texas Tiki Weeks’ Vendor Village.  i had barely set up my own studio when the chance to participate came to fruition.  the hustle began, i was just figuring out my glazes … [Read more…]

and the world i’ll turn it inside out

with the last hiccup fixed (replacing the busted pressure switch on my compressor) all systems seem to be a go. its time to just make work, fire, shoot work and send it out unto the world.  it also means i can start looking at shows again, knowing i can actually get things completed, not just … [Read more…]

when everything you have is yours and not stolen

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of taking 20 hours of my vacation time and spending it doing nothing more than working in and on the studio.  In some sense it might of been one of my more selfish moves, on the other it was a non guilty pleasure that i cherished because it … [Read more…]