number one with a bullet im a power pack

while i cant say everythings coming up milhouse i can say firing two proved to be much more beneficial in its results!  a few more tweaks and my cone 10 satin black is now cone 6 oxidation approved and in the process came up with a slick new black that i’ll be keeping around the studio (i’m interested in seeing what i can do with it and where it can take me option wise)

i’ve gotten a white that works, but after sleeping on it a few days still feel like its not quite what i wanted. somewhere in the recesses of my mind i had a whole schpeel abut finding the perfect white and likening it the 100 words Eskimos have for snow; but the internet got in the way and it seems some killjoy has dispelled this mytho legend thus putting my whole story to rest.  however i will say the minds eye wants what it wants and currently i am sitting here with too stark of a milky white and not enough stark of the refrigerator white so back to my base glaze i’ll continue to experiment.

no studio this weekend, we had social calls and the obligatory weekend working on the house day; repairing and refinishing decks is becoming a special skill of mine and before anyone asks, you cant afford it.

i’m off work in the studio but before i go, i wanted to share a couple of links from the fine folks who sell my work.

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