in black and white they really ought to now

for my birthday, my lovely husband got me an ac/heat window unit for the studio.  with weekends being working on the house, we’ve been too busy to install it as of yet but i am looking forward to the days when i can work in there anytime, not just the early morning hours before it gets texas hot.

Last week was not for studio time, instead it was getting the other stuff done:  poured some plaster slabs so i could begin reclaiming clay,  phone interview with Saatchi about my work, which should be published later this month and received an invitation to show/sell my functional wares at Texas Tiki Week, which I agreed to.  (of course this also means I shall be putting up a page on the site focusing on the tiki work)

Today its pouring rain and i have the day to myself to throw, so no more computer its studio time.

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