take the time to waste a moment

for a gal who likes to carpe diem it can be hard to not seize a thing.

getting my studio wired and equipment was the first step, the second being to start making work again. (for those not keeping score or just discovering up until two years ago all my functional work was salt fired stoneware, my sculptures were cone 10 reduction fired and with the private studio this was no longer an option)

I had two plans in mind: to just move forward,albeit blindly, full steam ahead or plan b to give myself 6 months  to play, experiment, get back in my groove and figure out things out.  It wasn’t easy I tended to flip flop back and forth on my direction and within this flip flop was some internal neurosis about wasting time that comes with either being an artist and/or the kate mind, but I digress plan B was my new goal and with it came time to play and figure things out. First up I just made things experimenting with several clay bodies ultimately deciding on balcones white for functional work and a mid range porcelain (with a few added tweaks to meet my needs) for the sculpture. Next was the surface treatment I had a few kiln loads of clears, whites a sprinkling of underglazes, drawings, carvings or a combination of the sum and on the back burner was something near and dear but maybe low brow for the ceramic likes of some; a tiki line.

things began to fall into place, on cue 6 months passed and i was hooked up with the kind folks at Texas Tiki Week and given the opportunity to sell my work locally.  With a few weeks prep time i found myself graduate school busy; late nights making work, glazing and loading kilns at lunch and waking up early to prep for the sale, all while balancing a new job.

tonight i think i’ll walk alone i’ll find myself as i go on

vendors village at Texas Tiki Week proved to be successful day! i scored commission from it another from a friend and when it rains it pours (happily to report this works both ways) i found out on Sunday that I sold another work to a collector through the good folks at Saatchi.  so tuesday night I packed up these beauties for their new home.

and while this post has been heavy on the what i’ve been up to functional aspect, i have not forgotten my sculptures.  there are some beauty sketches in my work waiting for my sunday morning studio time to be brought to life.







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