never enough

got home from a day of sxsw fun last night and found an acceptance letter from america’s clay fest (its the revamped/renamed feats of clay that made lincoln, ca. so famous,  okay so maybe just on the map in the ceramics and brick world) its always nice to come home to good news.  so i’ll be sending work out there next month.  the venue is at blue line gallery in roseville, which is also the host of ‘ceramacom’ a little later in the year.  and of course next week is NCECA in houston.

was getting groceries this morning and noticed they had fresh cut daffodils so of course a few sprigs made it to my cart.  once home the real decision was which vase… ended up going with the small bud vase (made by patrick veerkamp) – its a crackle slip with a celadon glaze and salt fired. the small hint of glassy color in the vase in contrast to the bright yellow of the buds really compliment each other.



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