its show time

had a productive last few days in the studio; holidays always seem to be the best blocks of time to for getting things done. the mental block seems to be dissolving and it probably helps that i am caught up on house stuff.  (the house and yard have become huge deterrents)

i’ve opened the shelving issue back up- its either going to be french cleats or saw tooth hangers – i see both posing slight issues to the aesthetic but i think the cleats in the long run will be more stable.

checking emails this morning i was delighted to get one from the mitchell gallery  letting me know  i had work selected for their show ‘less is more: small works in a great space”

was hoping to have a 2d piece done in time for easter, but after hitting a kate snafu in the writing portion it will be a few more evenings till its ready to go.

still not used to the whole blogging idea yet.  i suppose i need to study up and start putting some images in with the text.


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