shelf redux

new shelf 2

first of the possibilities of new shelves

new shelf 1

the second possibility

so i have been thinking quite a while that the old shelves, while not broken aren’t the best fit.  i’ve been toying with a few ideas and going back and forth (translation: procrastinating) spoke with a couple of people about ideas, been checking out exhibits to see how others are displaying. my biggest issue, once i knew what i wanted (linear) was getting it to hang properly.  the french cleat did not work at all- i take that back if i frankenstiened the back with extra screws it would stay level but seriously no one wants to look at that.  so i returned to my old pal the flush mount and success.  the other shelf i tried is along the same lines but has a partial back on it i actually enjoy this one a little more as it allows for more enhancement of the interaction/negative space/push pull/ i and thou.

still up in the air as to whether i shall paint these or go with natural wood.

today i am going to spend sanding the work i spent late nights on this week, i am hoping to get a firing in late this week.


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