sandblasting and progress

the spring semester ended, may term and free school are both in full swing and no new work has been started but i’ve gotten around to sandblasting the last few i did this spring including my hall and oates tribute as inspired by the visual and ear worm that is rich fulcher’s sick dance moves … [Read more…]

America’s Clay Fest

I am not a big you tube person but somehow I managed to find this.  These pieces headed off to America’s Clay Fest at Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, California, they’re part of the show juried by Richard Shaw.

time to look at what i’ve got

finding some way to balance my free time; which is spent either gardening or in the studio actually resulted in quite a bit of work this semester,although my firing/turn around was not constant.  (i’m not an all your eggs in one basket kinda girl)  the results were pleasing.  I’ve still got a few more works … [Read more…]