time to look at what i’ve got

finding some way to balance my free time; which is spent either gardening or in the studio actually resulted in quite a bit of work this semester,although my firing/turn around was not constant.  (i’m not an all your eggs in one basket kinda girl)  the results were pleasing.  I’ve still got a few more works to sandblast and shoot before they’re ready for print but i thought this one turned out nicely.  These of course will be heading to Kansas next year for an exhibition.

darling in my wildest dreams i never thought i'd go

darling in my wildest dreams i never thought i’d go

Besides spending some quality time working out new shelving ideas, i also got to thinking about my blog and realized between the fb, lj and email i don’t give this one nearly enough due.  so next on the docket is to resolve this and write a little more.

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