the raku class ended nearly a week ago and this week has been inventory a little more inventory, daydreaming about my summer plans (read: sketching madly and listening intently to words from songs for new ideas) and finishing up loose ends around the studio along with my summer worker. this year it was decided to do a little upkeep/maintenance so tables were not only flipped and rid of spiders, webs and eggs but repainted and/or varnished, most everything in the studio has had some sort of similiar work done to it and its looking quite nice.   its been a long semester – and i am looking forward to time to devote to making my own work.  after last years art theory, criticism and artist read a thon i was going to attempt to stay away from books this summer but we ended up at half price last friday were i nabbed one on persian ceramics and another on turkish ceramics and well i must read before they start to collect dust.

i taught free school again to a few staff on campus and this year it was quite humbling and a learning experience.  i think on occasion we get so wrapped up in ourselves (and when things don’t go our way we focus/get frustated on that point) that we forget the universality of the situation. i think the class had fun, they made small little serving dishes out of earthenware and decorated with underglazes.

today i went to pick up water at the main office and noticed my work from america’s clayfest had returned. not the original box or packing, but no damage to my work so all is good. plus they included a color catalog and i made the cover a welcome delight.  it looks like it was an excellent show and i am hoping they continue to build up a great following and have the show grow.  america's clayfest

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