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“i am one of the lucky ones when i wake up in the morning i can harldy wait to get to work”, Harding Black

Baylor University has set up a Harding Black Collection and Archive site

semester is in the mid way point full swing. started in on some forms this weekend and am looking to get them put together by Friday. this weekend is the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, so lots of eye candy.

I finished up my birthday books and decided to hit the library again since this year i’ve been either reading gifts or choosing something from the ‘may we suggest’ and ‘new titles’ section of the library.  I was kinda in awe to find a book by David Byrne, titled ‘How Music Works’.  so far its pretty brilliant. The art school girl in me cracked up (and was just a little jealous) of him describing his work at this time what i wouldn’t give to have recieved a questionnaire.


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