packing up to head out

but she wants to be sure cause you know sometimes words have two meanings

Got the last of the work out of the kiln on Saturday, some grueling decision making and looking back over of sketches to decide on sandblasting as well as titles.

I can’t help but feeling a little anxiety setting in, today i hit school early to get some help with my overwhelmingly huge image files (part of me misses slides and it mostly has to do with the control one has with manually putting it into a machine knowing it will work or if it doesn’t the factors surrounding its betrayal are limited, but then reality sets in and i certainly don’t miss the cost, the time, the storage and the delicate nature of the slide itself) once that was taken care of there was enough time for a run, before loading a kiln, attending the inauguration ceremony for our schools new president.Tonight its steel wool on the shelves and then we’re off to much colder climates to set up the show and wow them with me work!


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