the box of ceramic art mostly from the 90s.

ted randall sofa

last night in lab i was discussing the various professional organizations with the advance students and got to talking about the Randall Sessions, which led to a  tangent about Ted Randall that I think started somewhere “i have images of his work i took photos of at a SOFA , i recalled how i remembered getting in a “harsh talking too” for taking the photos, there might of been a sign… i’ll have to remember to dig that box out and show you guys.  (to paint a proper picture sympathetic to my cause the year was 1997 the only pictures i had seen of his work were either slides or black and white, while the internet was around, google was in its infancy not yet the big brother informationhouse image at your doorstep magnet that it is today and i was deciding what i wanted to do and be and having actual images was pivotal to my predicament- hello visuals) so this afternoon while looking at the bounty that came out of yesterdays firing i found myself in my studio looking for luster and found the green marbled box – and brought it out to share.  delighted to find not only the randall images, i forgot i had this beauty shot of  toshiko takeazu and a ken ferguson bunny.

ken ferguson bunny and toshiko takaezu


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