spent part of the last 3 weeks making work and empty bowls (kiln fodder) yesterday i fired it up and at first glance things were pretty nice.  i’ve got a couple of days to figure out masking options for a few and then i shall sandblast and shoot and get things entered before the various deadlines that are approaching.  Most important is the Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics.

new work and empty bowls for spring

new work and empty bowls for spring


I spent most of yesterday throwing stoneware for upcoming salt firings and after listening to my back complain that it was old and needed a rest.  I wound up doing some more cleaning in the studio and came across this on my wipe board from the spring.

wipe board shot

one of our our ‘sassy ceramic spinsters’ (their wording not mine) left me this note after a semester of forgetting to turn it off.  which on the big scale of things is really not so bad. they are such bright, creative and hard hard workers and I know the studio won’t be the same this fall.  Two of them headed off to graduate programs and i can only they are ones that make the world a better place.

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