san angelo 21

this past spring i had work accepted into the san angelo 21st national ceramic competition, a biennial i’ve had the good fortune of being included in many years in the past. its driving distance from home the selection of work is always superb so  i would be lying to say its not one of my favorite shows, this year it became even more so as i received a merit award.  so while not able to attend the reception, we made the trek a few weeks later to check it out, as well as the chicken farm and ft. concho, because if you are going to site see, you must see all the sites.

me and my work on display

me and my work on display

some of the other works, in particular ones i liked

DSCF3139[1] DSCF3129[1] DSCF3144[1]

DSCF3136[1] DSCF3138[1] DSCF3152[1]

and of course a little gilhooly from the permanent collection


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