its always showtime here at the edge of the stage

this time last year i was a week into my new job and frantically trying to pull together enough finished work to sell at Texas Tiki Weeks’ Vendor Village.  i had barely set up my own studio when the chance to participate came to fruition.  the hustle began, i was just figuring out my glazes … [Read more…]

and the world i’ll turn it inside out

with the last hiccup fixed (replacing the busted pressure switch on my compressor) all systems seem to be a go. its time to just make work, fire, shoot work and send it out unto the world.  it also means i can start looking at shows again, knowing i can actually get things completed, not just … [Read more…]

when everything you have is yours and not stolen

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of taking 20 hours of my vacation time and spending it doing nothing more than working in and on the studio.  In some sense it might of been one of my more selfish moves, on the other it was a non guilty pleasure that i cherished because it … [Read more…]

rebel rebel

Not long ago David Bowie died, folks took it to hear and then just a little bit farther. fb was flooded with those saddened and in stunned disbelief, my feed was a parade of videos, images and stories.  There were memorials, tributes, bowie specific art shows and the town i live in (which has no … [Read more…]

san angelo 21

this past spring i had work accepted into the san angelo 21st national ceramic competition, a biennial i’ve had the good fortune of being included in many years in the past. its driving distance from home the selection of work is always superb so  i would be lying to say its not one of my … [Read more…]

a walk in the park

a friend sent me this article today and it resonated in so many ways.  i’ve applied the old addage, “a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first”  since about age 9 and quite enjoy the pleasure of putting my feet to the pavement (ground, sand, et al) and just going – regardless of destination. … [Read more…]

the summer work

between throwing and firing wedding pots and a dry salt firing of functional ware, which was more an experiment to see what residual salt would get me (the results were not too bad, and i admit the nice orange of reduction is growing on me) there wasn’t  as much time this summer to get work made, … [Read more…]