take your passion and make it happen

gym last night, what a feeling came on.  luckily i was still changing, so no impromptu dance moves, but like a good song usually does it hit me.

flash forward, to the studio –

its a mess, but not an ordinary spend an hour and get it all tidy, mess. no this one is one of epic kate proportions, made slightly better by the fact that i cleaned the floors the day before, but still a mess and layers of disarray, unfinished thoughts, piles and stuff. i really just want to steamroll forward in a manic fell swoop with the momentum of all the focus that has finally come to be: i’ve got a commission on deck, the opportunity to partner and make some new tiki mugs has come about, i managed to get over the decorating block that has been holding me back at cone 6 and after while working on this last round of sculptures the questions came have i done all that i set out to do? what am i doing? what am i trying to prove? am i beating a dead horse? so with thought and mediation came the obvious, its time for new work.

so i started with sectioning off the etsy shop items, unloaded my firing, pleased with the new work, which i glazed on a whim to get out of the rut that my functional self was in. taped off a few more of my sculptures from spring vacay and sandblasted them (brought in stuff to either pack or shoot and ran out of steam before any of that got done.

today i return, pull some handles for the few remaining mugs, spend time organizing, cleaning and getting ready for that next push.

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