time see what has become of me

so why does it always seem to be, me looking at you, you looking at me

busy, busy is what has become of me. 

yesterday  was a record non stop day of tying up loose studio ends  first there was glaze mixing (topping off everything in anticipation of texas tiki week and a couple more tests for the mug commission), labeling, sandblasting more of the new work, finishing the last of a new piece and the master cleanse consisting of: sweeping, cleaning every surface, cleaning stuff putting stuff away and a general wipe down for good measure. after what seemed like forever I was able to unload my glaze firing and there were some beauties in it. i’m extremely happy with my piece for the Ohana Luau on the Lake’s Silent Auction, but it had a small spot where the glaze did not cover evenly so tomorrow once the rain has passed I’ll be putting that back in along with mugs.  today of course I managed to keep up not quite the same tempo but enough to get work shot and uploaded.  and in between all of this empty air, I’ve been doing: sold a piece (thank you) had an aha moment of moments in regards to the functional side (all got sent to 6 Pence Unique Gifts) and am in development for 2 new tiki mugs.



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