loaded up a bisque with last weeks work a total of 8 which i have to remind myself is not to shabby when your working, working a little more and have personal commitments known as life to take care of.  will be glazing early next week and i’m hoping to have the first couple of wall plaques ready as well.  i am looking forward to getting them out of the kiln, sandblasted and shot, especially with the new shelves- i’m looking forward to the dynamic.  then its shipping work off to california, maryland and awaiting my contract for next years solo exhibition.


“The important thing about lyrics is not exactly what they say, but that they lead you to believe they are saying something.” – Brian Eno

6.44                                                                                                                                                 not how the world is, is the mystical, but that it is  -ludwig wittgenstein

97                                                                                                                                                      my mind is like the autumn moon shining clean and clear and in the green pool. no, that’s not a good comparison.  tell me, how shall i explain?    – han shan

shelf redux

new shelf 2

first of the possibilities of new shelves

new shelf 1

the second possibility

so i have been thinking quite a while that the old shelves, while not broken aren’t the best fit.  i’ve been toying with a few ideas and going back and forth (translation: procrastinating) spoke with a couple of people about ideas, been checking out exhibits to see how others are displaying. my biggest issue, once i knew what i wanted (linear) was getting it to hang properly.  the french cleat did not work at all- i take that back if i frankenstiened the back with extra screws it would stay level but seriously no one wants to look at that.  so i returned to my old pal the flush mount and success.  the other shelf i tried is along the same lines but has a partial back on it i actually enjoy this one a little more as it allows for more enhancement of the interaction/negative space/push pull/ i and thou.

still up in the air as to whether i shall paint these or go with natural wood.

today i am going to spend sanding the work i spent late nights on this week, i am hoping to get a firing in late this week.


its show time

had a productive last few days in the studio; holidays always seem to be the best blocks of time to for getting things done. the mental block seems to be dissolving and it probably helps that i am caught up on house stuff.  (the house and yard have become huge deterrents)

i’ve opened the shelving issue back up- its either going to be french cleats or saw tooth hangers – i see both posing slight issues to the aesthetic but i think the cleats in the long run will be more stable.

checking emails this morning i was delighted to get one from the mitchell gallery  letting me know  i had work selected for their show ‘less is more: small works in a great space”

was hoping to have a 2d piece done in time for easter, but after hitting a kate snafu in the writing portion it will be a few more evenings till its ready to go.

still not used to the whole blogging idea yet.  i suppose i need to study up and start putting some images in with the text.