“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”

a little anxious with the studio plans on hold, i easily got over it with the past couple of monsoon weekends where in we discovered: that the contractors who dug up the yard did not put all the dirt back (no, instead of packing it down they tossed what did not fit under the deck causing a sinkhole) and the back door & frame has sprung a leak.   neither of these are problems worthy of much complaint, we are happy and grateful to have dealable things to take care of.  besides there is something to be said from having a break to really get your mind around what you want to do.

updating my book list i discoverd this year is a near neck and neck tie of elmore leonard and david sedaris, although now on the docket is alex ross’ the rest is noise, listening to the 20twentieth century.  its appropo since i began the rough draft and research for ‘talking bout pop music’

this morning i made somebutternut squash chips, our final installment of the local farm delivery goods gifted us with what is quite possibly the worlds largest butternut squash ( we’ve managed 3 three meals out of this)



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