Not a lot of work time has been afforded the first part of the year, partly due to family and friend obligations taking precedent and of course stuff around the house (or the never ending list), search for venues and books (finished 4 so far this year).  this was our first real free weekend at … [Read more…]

hall and oates are going to california

welcome news in the inbox after this past weeks tragic loss of a friend. Congratulations! Your artwork has been accepted into the 3rd Clay and Glass Biennial. The competition was especially tough this year, with only 10% of the entered artworks accepted into the exhibition.    

fall work is here

got a few gems out of the kiln last week, pretty happy with them and sort of motivation one needs to keep making more.  i actually attribute some of this to changing out the car cd’s, my  continued slow read of david byrne’s  ‘how music works’.  I also spent quality time reflecting on a couple … [Read more…]


Spent the last week and a half in the studio, getting my summer pots waxed and glazed for a firing or two.  Around Thursday  while looking at my progress and realizing i had much more to do, my subconscious reminded me of this poem i had read as a child and after looking it up … [Read more…]


there’s always a sign of sorts at the start of the semester, that lets you know its going to be a successful one, much akin to the ding on the airplane after you’ve taken off and reached altitude.  this week the powers that be displayed two: thursday they had their first glaze lecture/demo and after … [Read more…]

sunday brings the dawn in

spent the morning finishing up the pots i threw when i was firing on tuesday; which included putting handles on cups and trimming a few lids.  while putting the handles on i was thinking about the actual motions of it all, i suppose prepping for a fall semester of beginning throwing and all that entails.  … [Read more…]


spent part of the last 3 weeks making work and empty bowls (kiln fodder) yesterday i fired it up and at first glance things were pretty nice.  i’ve got a couple of days to figure out masking options for a few and then i shall sandblast and shoot and get things entered before the various … [Read more…]

the box of ceramic art mostly from the 90s.

last night in lab i was discussing the various professional organizations with the advance students and got to talking about the Randall Sessions, which led to a  tangent about Ted Randall that I think started somewhere “i have images of his work i took photos of at a SOFA , i recalled how i remembered … [Read more…]

back from pittsburg

i noticed at our accommodations in kansas that the jonquils had started to bloom and once back in central texas (after the freakish hail/rain storm) that the wildflowers are out in abundance primarily the blue bonnets but other sprigs are starting to show up amongst the blue.   which means its time for my yard to … [Read more…]