the raku class ended nearly a week ago and this week has been inventory a little more inventory, daydreaming about my summer plans (read: sketching madly and listening intently to words from songs for new ideas) and finishing up loose ends around the studio along with my summer worker. this year it was decided to … [Read more…]

sandblasting and progress

the spring semester ended, may term and free school are both in full swing and no new work has been started but i’ve gotten around to sandblasting the last few i did this spring including my hall and oates tribute as inspired by the visual and ear worm that is rich fulcher’s sick dance moves … [Read more…]

America’s Clay Fest

I am not a big you tube person but somehow I managed to find this.  These pieces headed off to America’s Clay Fest at Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, California, they’re part of the show juried by Richard Shaw.

time to look at what i’ve got

finding some way to balance my free time; which is spent either gardening or in the studio actually resulted in quite a bit of work this semester,although my firing/turn around was not constant.  (i’m not an all your eggs in one basket kinda girl)  the results were pleasing.  I’ve still got a few more works … [Read more…]


loaded up a bisque with last weeks work a total of 8 which i have to remind myself is not to shabby when your working, working a little more and have personal commitments known as life to take care of.  will be glazing early next week and i’m hoping to have the first couple of … [Read more…]


“The important thing about lyrics is not exactly what they say, but that they lead you to believe they are saying something.” – Brian Eno 6.44                                                                                                                                                 not how the world is, is the mystical, but that it is  -ludwig wittgenstein 97                                                                                                                                                      my mind is like the autumn moon shining clean and clear and in … [Read more…]

shelf redux

so i have been thinking quite a while that the old shelves, while not broken aren’t the best fit.  i’ve been toying with a few ideas and going back and forth (translation: procrastinating) spoke with a couple of people about ideas, been checking out exhibits to see how others are displaying. my biggest issue, once … [Read more…]

its show time

had a productive last few days in the studio; holidays always seem to be the best blocks of time to for getting things done. the mental block seems to be dissolving and it probably helps that i am caught up on house stuff.  (the house and yard have become huge deterrents) i’ve opened the shelving … [Read more…]


friday we are taking the kids on a field trip to houston to check out the multitude of ceramic exhibits around the town.  i actually downloaded the app for the phone but then the print copy made it into my hands and its hard to break such perfectly lovely, ingrained habits.   glaze scheduled for Tuesday- … [Read more…]