packing up to head out

Got the last of the work out of the kiln on Saturday, some grueling decision making and looking back over of sketches to decide on sandblasting as well as titles. I can’t help but feeling a little anxiety setting in, today i hit school early to get some help with my overwhelmingly huge image files … [Read more…]

artist log

well the new year has begun, spent the last week getting the studio ready for classes and having fun with my last bits of prime time outings and marathon tele watching.  Got word that I have had 2 pieces accepted into the 4th annual Central Time Ceramics at the Heuser Art Gallery and Hartmann Center … [Read more…]

all my failings exposed

when i started my blog, i had big dreams of profound writings, weekly updates and all sorts of little look at/listen to me’s but i’ve found that i’m still pretty much introspective in that regard, i  prefer my sketchbook, hand made flow charts detailing the thoughts from current research, and long drawn out writings rather … [Read more…]

recent musings

“i am one of the lucky ones when i wake up in the morning i can harldy wait to get to work”, Harding Black Baylor University has set up a Harding Black Collection and Archive site semester is in the mid way point full swing. started in on some forms this weekend and am looking … [Read more…]


got an email from our chair this morning about a recent show with my work but the name was wrong.  i did a few searches trying to figure out the skinny but was unable to find the link. however i did fine  an on line article done for America’s Clay Fest that spoke a bit … [Read more…]

a little queen

i fired my first kiln load of summer work last friday and am pretty happy with the results. ball milling the black seemed to help reduce the iron spotting and i’m pleased with the new direction of the flat ones. although i’ve been thinking about how to push the envelope on those a little farther … [Read more…]

summer reading it happened so fast

last year i decided to take up the task of reading and rereading books on art criticism and theory.  finishing this was lyotard’s discourse, figure; which i found interesting up to a point.  that point was the end (in my opinion) when it seemed like he just wanted to stick it to freud and the … [Read more…]